Feb 22, 2014

Exercise & Nutrition + weight update

Today I'm going to talk about what exercises I've been doing and what I have been eating since I began to change my way of living.

Okay so lets begin with my exercise routine.

- I began doing Insanity I believe it was February 3rd. The first week I did it every day as scheduled. It's a really tough exercise program especially if you are out of shape. I have continued to do it but I must admit that I do miss some days. I have no excuses and admit I need to step it up and get back to doing it on all the days I'm supposed to.

-I go to the gym at least 3 days a week and Honestly would go 5-6 days a week if possible. I absolutely love going to the gym now and always feel great after pushing myself. I do weight training on all the days that I go because I get my cardio from the Insanity.

- Some women shy away from weights and only want to do cardio ... but I would say embrace weight training..Your body will look amazing and you will be happy you did later on.

As far as my eating habits:

- My eating habits have changed tremendously since I've began living a healthier lifestyle. I use to eat out a lot and eat lots of fried foods, chips, etc.

Here's a typical day for me

Breakfast: Café Latte Herbalife Shake
                  Herbalife Raspberry Tea
Snack: Protein bar, or fruit, or greek yogurt

Lunch: Cookies n Crème Herbalife Shake

Snack: Same as am snack

Dinner: Lean Meats (Chicken breast, Ground Turkey, Pork chops) with salad or vegetables.

Sometimes I switch it up and have my shake for dinner and a balanced meal for lunch.

I know it may seem like I'm not eating a lot but I am never hungry. My meal replacement shakes keep me full and they have all the vitamins and nutrients you need in a healthy meal.

I can honestly say that I have never felt better. Since I've began working out and eating healthier I have tons more energy and I just feel better and happier overall.

And I allow myself a treat sometimes . Like last night I went out for dinner and it was delicious and the weekend before I had 2 drinks with a friend. I didn't over indulge and it felt good to know I've been working really hard and it's okay to treat yourself every once in a while.

Just be sure not to treat yourself too often and compromise all the hard work you have been putting in. It can be extremely difficult at first but that's when you stop and think about why you started in the first place. And turn to others who are on the same path as you so we can keep each other motivated and on track.

You can do this ..You just have to believe in yourself. It's not only about losing weight but also about being healthier and feeling good about yourself.

I started at 180lbs and now I am 167.8 lbs


  1. Wow Kanettra that is really good results in that short amount of time. I get so inspired reading about you. I also want to go to the gym, but fear I am not fit enough to enjoy any classes and will lack behind.... but I will working towards joining the gym as I think it will be inspirational exercising with others And you was mega though going straigth at the exercises and doing it every day in the beginning.

    My friend in England also mentioned Herbalife as she is thinking about trying one of their teas... So I will mention your good results on the herbalife diet. And yes I agree with what you are saying, dosen't seems like you are eating much, but good to hear you are not feeling hungry.

    Also good to hear you goes out and enjoy yourself. As I will do that too, it is one of my treats in life I couldn't live without, going out with friends for a bite and having fun :-) Whising you a happy sunday!

  2. Thank You so much @Raw Bliss. I have never signed up for any classes at the gym before I usually just go with a friend but I assure you there are classes for every fitness level. Go there check it out, talk with the trainers , get a feel for it, express to them your fears and concerns.

    Still not ready. That's okay. Find something to do at home to get you started. Go for walks with someone. Do one of the workout routines that you are able to do in the comfort of your own home.

    Yes Herbalife has been amazing to me. I like it so much I actually became a distributor. So now I can order it for others who are interested. And after posting yesterday I was speaking with my friend and realized that I prob should be eating a little more . So instead of only have carrots or yogurt for a snack i'll have both . I want to make sure I'm taking in enough calories because not eating enough can also hinder your weight loss.

    Yes going out and having fun is a must :) ...This is a lifestyle change and your not going to go on for the rest of your life never going out. So going out and eating something you have been craving or just want is fine. But also remember you can make healthy choices when going out and having fun.

    And with that said. No one is perfect , just do the best you can :) and keep moving forward .