Feb 6, 2014

Day #4 - I Will..I Will...I Will

Today was probably the easiest day of the Insanity workout but it was still hard for me :/. It consisted of mostly stretching and I'm about as flexible as a pencil. So In addition to the Insanity I'm going to try to get in at least 10 minutes of stretching a day.

Yesterday a friend asked how am i staying motivated this time around. Well it hasn't even been a week yet, so I still a very long road ahead of me but my answer is:

I have goals I want to accomplish, I envision a future of happiness and being in shape and healthy. The only way I will be able to accomplish those goals is to get up each day and make healthy eating choices and work out.

I tell myself each day:

 -Not doing it is not an option.
- No Excuses
-You can and will do this!

My break up gave me the kick in the ass I needed. I honestly do not think I would have made the changes I needed to make if it wasn't for it. Not saying I'm glad it's over or that it wasn't important enough to me because it was. The problem was I was stuck in this rut. I couldn't see clearly. I didn't realize what was right in front of my face.

I forgot there was once a time where I use to have fun. I forgot I use to go hang out with friends. I forgot I use to walk around my apartment nude or in lingerie. I forgot how sexy and confident I use to feel in my own skin.

I actually at some point started to believe that I always stayed in the house alone. i convinced myself that i actually enjoyed being alone. Yes i knew i was unhappy with my body but I didn't realize how much.

I will NEVER let myself get to that place again ..EVER!!! - I will spend the rest of my days becoming a happier and healthier me and helping others who reach out to me.

I want to be an Inspiration to myself and to others.

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