Feb 3, 2014

Day#1- New Beginnings

I have said time and time again, I'm going to start eating better and working out and even some of those times I actually did start but I never continued, I never made it part of my life and now here I am more unhappy with myself than I ever been. And yea a lot of it has to do with the weight I have put on over the past couple of years but it also has a lot to do with Me. Way to often have I started things and not finished and that is not how I want to be. I want to follow through with the things I commit to. I dont want to be lazy and insecure  anymore. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I recently went through a breakup. We had been together for 6 years but things just weren't working out. It didn't end on bad terms but it still hurts like hell. Now at first I just wanted to curl up and just fade away but I knew I couldn't do that. It would be so easy to just continue to let myself fall apart.

- Continue eating unhealthy
-Continue not working out
-Continue staying home everyday because I don't feel comfortable with how I look
- Continue holding myself back & staying stuck in the rut I was in.

But NO!!!!- I don't want easy, easy didn't lead me anywhere but to a world of unhappiness. So starting today I did my first day of Insanity and have started Herbal Life- which my ex started me on and he has seen some great results. 

It's going to be Hard and I'm going to have to push myself each day to make sure I continue bettering my eating habits as well working out 6 days a week. But it can be done and I will Do it!

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