Feb 22, 2014

Sorry I'm still here :)

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a little while but I'm still here :). I promise to keep this updated as much as possible. I have still been eating healthy and working out. I am now down to 167.8 lbs :).... I'm not at home right now but I promise to update in more detail once I get on my laptop.

Let's make healthy choices everyone :)


  1. Good to hear you are still here :-) And congratulatiosn on good results. What kind of exercise have you been doing?

  2. Raw Bliss- Thank you so much :) I'm going to make a post right now on what exercises I've been doing and what I've been eating. and please feel free to contact me anytime ..I believe social support plays a big role when trying to change your life and get healthy. my email is Kanettram@gmail.com