Feb 24, 2014

Positive thinking & Link to my weight loss video Blog

*Wake up each morning with a positive attitude**

Good Morning Everyone :). Yes most of us dread Mondays but why not embrace it. It's the beginning of a new week ... It's a new day.. A fresh start...

We should all wake up each morning with a positive outlook. I've read a lot lately that we cannot change what happens around us but we can change the way we react.

---- So wake up even on Mondays :) ..knowing you are going to have a good day and make it happen. From personal experience I know how strongly your way of thinking can impact your life.

Over the past couple of years I have slowly succumbed to negative thinking. I was even told that just by looking at my face I looked like I hated my life.

I would wake up each morning with no excitement it was just another day for me to get through... How fun is that?

Now I get up each morning smiling, knowing I am going to have a great day no matter what. are my days perfect? No but by changing my way of thinking from negative to positive most days are definitely great. and on difficult days ...I still end the day on a positive note.

This morning I'm walking on Sunshine !!! :) :) :)

I mentioned yesterday that I also Started a video blog, I will post the link below. I will update the video blogs every sunday. Yesterday by the time I got the video uploaded I was burnt out. you tube kept messing up and I had to record it over and over. So I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm :)


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