Feb 4, 2014

Day #2- Insanity & Fitness Challenges You can do at home.

So I completed Week1-Day 2 of Insanity :). I honestly felt really tired when I awoke this morning and was so close to using it as an excuse to put off my work out until later. But I knew that would probably lead to me not doing it at all and the only person I would have been letting down is myself.

So I dressed and made my herbalife shake drank it waited a little and then began my workout. I am very out of shape so I'm still not able to keep up with the whole routine but it's an intense workout and to be expected. So even if you cannot keep up pace with whatever workout you have started don't feel discouraged just DON'T give up..That's all that matters. Push yourself and stick with it. If you gave it your best be proud of yourself :).

I decided to also begin the 30 day squat challenge. It's something you can do at home with no weights or equipment.

Just remember when starting out don't take on too much, it can be discouraging and cause you to want to give up. Take baby steps, start with what you are comfortable with. everyone is different. That goes with your eating routine as well. I've heard lots of advice from different trainers as well as read a lot and most always state " Ease into it"- don't feel you have to be perfect and make a complete change at once.

You can do this ..WE CAN DO THIS!! ...

**Also please remember I am not a professional in any way. I'm just a girl sharing her journey and hoping you will share yours as well. If you have Any health or medical questions please seek guidance from a proffesional**

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