Apr 18, 2014

Moved to Wordpress

So over this past week I took my purchased domain name over to wordpress. I didn't transfer everything over ..Instead I decided to start Fresh...

I just wanted to announce it to everyone who is still interested in following my new blog.. you can find it @ www.abrandnewme.co  -- It's still under construction -- I'm changing things here and there as I learn my way around .... but I'm posting and it's up & running ... Hope to see you there :)

Apr 7, 2014

Some Weekends You can't help but Love!!

I had an Amazing Weekend - We took a little mini-vacation and headed to Daytona for a Leadership Development Weekend and I had an Amazing time.

Us Driving to Daytona.
On our drive there we were so full of excitement and the weather was Beautiful. I was excited to learn of course (when am I not?) -- But I'll let you in on something..

We have been together for over 6 years and never once have we taken any sort of vacation/get away together. -- so you can imagine why i was so excited about that as well.

I took lots of notes & learned so much.

It was my 1st:

- Leadership Event
-Time in Daytona
-weekend get away together

Our Room- Wish we could have stayed Longer.

 And our room was so Beautiful it's a shame we could only stay for a night. But none the less I am so excited to be back home as well because I am ready to put all my ideas plus what I have learned this weekend to work.
So that was my weekend in a nutshell -- How was your weekend? 

Apr 2, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge, Progress Pics & Wellness Evaluations

I want to apologize to Everyone for being M.I.A. -- My career as a Wellness Coach has been really taking off more than I imagined and I am extremely grateful. --

 I will still be updating my blog at least 3 times a week and promise to come up with a set schedule (so you know when to look for my posts) as soon as things settle.

 -- Write now I am catching up on emails & have started a Fitness challenge on FB -- If you are interested in Joining please let me know -- There is still time to join!!!. :)

My weight loss has been going very good. Honestly when I weighed myself yesterday morning I was pretty disappointed because there wasn't much of a change on the scale-- but when I took my progress pics I couldn't have been more excited.

There was a point where I thought I would never get the weight off but it's happening!!! :) :) :)

Exercise+Nutrition Positive Thinking= RESULTS!!!!!

**You can achieve your health & Fitness goals you just have to believe in yourself***

Interested in a FREE Wellness Evaluation Contact Me @ Kanettram@gmail.com

Mar 26, 2014

I Love the 'little" Things. & Free Sponsor Opportunities

Today's post is not about Fitness- although rest assure I am making healthy Choices today :).

So What is today's post about ???

-Well I am a woman in L.O.V.E. - and I like to talk about it from time to time :).

If you have been following my blog - you already know that Last year -wasn't my best year ..It's probably safe to say it was my worst.

                  --- My depression affected me relationship in so many ways, but I'm happy to say that talking about every-thing  that happened last year and hearing each other's thoughts and feelings helped us to understand each other better and even brought us closer together--

**And we have a better understanding of how important Communication is in any relationship**

-Also it helped me to be more appreciative of the little things that I had began to take for granted.

Such as--

- The way he looks over at me during an emotional scene while we are watching a movie -knowing I'm probably tearing up

- Hugging him before he leaves for work in the morning. -- Now he will even wake me up out of my sleep ( if I don't wake up on my own) and hug me. -- Which makes me feel all happy inside because when he takes the initiative I know he's doing it because he wants to.

- When he calls me "Babe"- I just love hearing the word falling from his lips and know he's talking to me :)

-On the weekends (when he actually gets to sleep in with me) - when we wake up and he'll tickle me and i'll try to be mad but of course can't help but laugh

They might seem like silly things to most  but for me they mean so much. After so much time being sad and angry for no reason and shutting him out -- It feels good to let him in again and to feel like "US" again :)

And now for some Exciting NEws !!!!

For the first 10 people who contact me - I am doing a Free Button Swap for the month of April. That's right Free :)- I'll place your button on my sidebar and all I ask is that you do the same. 

There are 10 spots open - so if you're interested sign -up and spread the word !!! :)

Or email me at Kanettram@gmail.com

Mar 25, 2014

Grocery shopping on a Budget & This week's Menu

Money is going to be a little tight this week and next week (being that I am still looking for a new job & Aaron had unexpected car trouble last week.)-- So when we went shopping on Sunday we had to try to be as smart as possible about what we purchased.

Healthy but affordable.

Breakfast was already taken care of because we both drink Herbalife shakes and Tea for Breakfast each morning.

Each morning I start off with an Herbalife Nutritional Shake mixed with protein.
This morning I chose Cafe Latte w/ Chocolate protein.

Followed by Raspberry herbal green tea 
-Cell-U-Loss Tablets
-Total Control tablets
Want to learn more about Herbalife- Click here

For Snacks we purchased our favorite Greek yogurts. We like the ones with crystallized almonds or granola on the side but they also have ones with fruit on the side (but I haven't tried those)

He also purchased a few of the Oikos greek yogurts for himself. They are okay but I prefer the ones above.

For lunch I picked up some Jennie-O Turkey Burgers - We haven't had them in a while and they are so delicious. I use Low-fat mayo & multi-grain bread (instead of white) to keep it as healthy as possible but still tasty :)
6 packages of Chicken Breast - Aaron decided since they were cheaper than usual he wanted to take as much as possible.. So today I will meal prep for the week and then separate the rest into freezer bags and put them in the freezer. --Can never have too much Chicken Breast :)

I decided to go with Frozen veggies for sides- I use to think Frozen Veggies were not as healthy as Fresh because they lose Nutrients, but after a ton of research I now know that unless you are purchasing your produce from a fresh market (which i don't) that your "Fresh" produce might not be as "Fresh" as you may think and you can be better off purchasing Frozen. 
They are cheaper :)

-I also picked up some Salmon and shrimp to mix it up a little. But as you can see the next two weeks are going to be plain and simple but that's okay-- When money is tight I rather be simple & healthy than all the unhealthy cheap foods i use to buy.

I've mentioned before that I am studying on becoming a Personal Trainer - and last week I didn't get much studying done- So this week that will be my main focus.

How will you spend your week?

Mar 24, 2014

Weekend Re-Cap!!

I have been doing some thinking and I have decided that until I get more participants -- Instead of doing Fitness Feature of the Week ... I will Do Fitness Feature of the Month..Starting the first of each Month.

So on the first of each month I will create a post dedicated to the feature and then for the rest of the month I will leave the features photo and log link on my sidebar.

so April 1st I will bring you your first Fitness Feature :)

Weekend Re-cap:


I went with my friend Tiffany to get my nails done, and then we went to Chili's for a nice meal. I had fun. -- It's nice to actually go out with friends after a whole year of staying home all the time and staying to myself.

Woke up watched a few episodes of bones and then went to the gym with Aaron. I was so excited because we were training legs but I made one huge mistake...

I didn't eat and I know better... After we did Squats I was light headed and feeling like I would throw up  or die. but thankfully I didn't. I barely made it through Leg extensions..--So once we were done with extensions --we left..

I felt bad for being the reason we didn't finish our workout but it was unsafe for me to continue , I really felt like I would black out at any moment.

We stopped by the grocery store and bought groceries which i have to meal prep today. I will take pictures for tomorrows post ( my phone is broken so I have to wait to use his)

Then we spent the rest of the day just relaxing together on the couch watching Bones (of course).
I love the weekends mostly because of the time I get to spend with him. during the week he's so busy with work we only have time to go to the gym-- eat dinner - and watch a few episodes of Bones or a movie while we eat dinner--then it's off to bed.

So being able to spend the day together of the weekend is something I will ALWAYS look forward to.

How did you spend your weekend?

Mar 20, 2014

When words Hurt & My Addiction to "Bones"

Yesterday I was skyping with 2 of my sisters when my little brother decided to take over the web cam. I always love talking to them because they are in a different state, so I don't get to see them in person as much as I would like so video chat is the next best thing.

Sooo... We are talking for not even a minute when suddenly he's like "Mmooooo" and laughs. Then he proceeds to say that I am fat and I look like a cow. -- Now I know he is just a child and his words probably shouldn't have affected me-- but if I'm being honest it did hurt.

I spent the rest of the day/night with his words popping in my head. Everytime I walked past the mirror I would lift up my shirt and stare at the fat on my stomach - -sigh because my face has still not trimmed down--

I was no longer feeling as sexy as I was the days before. -- All because of simple words. Nothing else had changed- I hadn't gained weight since feeling sexy and being called fat.

Before I went to bed I decided I wasn't going to let it keep me down- but I realize words can hurt no matter whom they are coming from. And as a reminder our words can either help or hurt others as well.

Anyways enough with that ... I have come to realize I am Obsessed with Bones....

No ..No.. not real bones silly.. The Tv Show

I began watching Bones in February by accident. A show I was watching went off and Bones came on afterwards. Then sometimes I would catch an episode and watch it and was slowly becoming more interested in the show.

Then I realized Netflix had 8 seasons of it and that I could watch it from Season 1 Episode 1 :) (I always have to begin a series from the beginning.) So anyways I am now on Season 6. I barely watch anything else. --I love the relationships, the scientific aspects, the weird humor. I just love it!! :)

I even find myself trying to use bigger words and sound smarter when having conversations with Aaron. (Thanks to Temperance aka Bones)-- lol

So there you have it. My name is Kanettra and I am addicted to Bones.