Mar 25, 2014

Grocery shopping on a Budget & This week's Menu

Money is going to be a little tight this week and next week (being that I am still looking for a new job & Aaron had unexpected car trouble last week.)-- So when we went shopping on Sunday we had to try to be as smart as possible about what we purchased.

Healthy but affordable.

Breakfast was already taken care of because we both drink Herbalife shakes and Tea for Breakfast each morning.

Each morning I start off with an Herbalife Nutritional Shake mixed with protein.
This morning I chose Cafe Latte w/ Chocolate protein.

Followed by Raspberry herbal green tea 
-Cell-U-Loss Tablets
-Total Control tablets
Want to learn more about Herbalife- Click here

For Snacks we purchased our favorite Greek yogurts. We like the ones with crystallized almonds or granola on the side but they also have ones with fruit on the side (but I haven't tried those)

He also purchased a few of the Oikos greek yogurts for himself. They are okay but I prefer the ones above.

For lunch I picked up some Jennie-O Turkey Burgers - We haven't had them in a while and they are so delicious. I use Low-fat mayo & multi-grain bread (instead of white) to keep it as healthy as possible but still tasty :)
6 packages of Chicken Breast - Aaron decided since they were cheaper than usual he wanted to take as much as possible.. So today I will meal prep for the week and then separate the rest into freezer bags and put them in the freezer. --Can never have too much Chicken Breast :)

I decided to go with Frozen veggies for sides- I use to think Frozen Veggies were not as healthy as Fresh because they lose Nutrients, but after a ton of research I now know that unless you are purchasing your produce from a fresh market (which i don't) that your "Fresh" produce might not be as "Fresh" as you may think and you can be better off purchasing Frozen. 
They are cheaper :)

-I also picked up some Salmon and shrimp to mix it up a little. But as you can see the next two weeks are going to be plain and simple but that's okay-- When money is tight I rather be simple & healthy than all the unhealthy cheap foods i use to buy.

I've mentioned before that I am studying on becoming a Personal Trainer - and last week I didn't get much studying done- So this week that will be my main focus.

How will you spend your week?


  1. Hey! Connecting through Southern Girl Blog Community on FB! Bravo for your life change goals! Your grocery list looks great. I think I may need to just copy you this week. I had to move unexpectedly and all I have are waters, mayonnaise and lettuce in the fridge. Less than that in the pantry! I don't drive at the moment due to my epilepsy, so I get to be chauffeured to the grocery store tomorrow! I'll look for those Jennie O burgers and give them another try! Nice to meet you! Come see me sometime! ~joy! Vicky

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