Mar 2, 2014

Late night thoughts & Blog changes.

So while I have been up I have been reading numerous blogging tips and they have inspired me to make a few changes.

1) Write about more than just weight loss, healthy eating & Fitness- No worries my blog will still be focused mostly on Healthy Living but I also want to be a little more personal.  I have been debating on it and I decided that in order to stay true to myself I wanted to start posting about other things in my life such as my relationship .. other things that may have happen throughout my day , and anything else.

2) Take personal pictures - I decided instead of only grabbing pictures off of the web I am going to start taking pictures myself of food, me exercising, random things, nature etc. -This shall be fun :)

As of now those are the 2 changes so far I have decided on.

For more Amazing Blog tips stop by the Amazing Carrots 'N' Cake Blog. It has tons of blogging tips and so much more.

So on a personal note.

 When I first began this blog I mentioned that I had a wake up call after my ex and I broke up. We had been together for over 6 years and us separating was really hard on me. Even though our relationship wasn't doing so well separating didn't make it any easier.

Photo Taken back in 2007

At first (when I was still stuck in my depression)  I couldn't understand why he couldn't accept me for who I was. But now I realize it's a great thing he didn't because I was no longer myself. I was this depressed person with no motivation or goals. And the clearer my head got the more I realized he was trying to make it work and snap me out of my funk but I only saw everything as negative.

**Thankfully I can see positively and clearly now**

The reason I am mentioning him is because we have been talking a lot more and spending time together and slowly building a strong foundation to continue our relationship on. So I will prob mention him from time to time and didn't want there to be confusion :). I'll dedicate a post to him soon , so you can learn more about the mystery man and the things that make him so special to me  ;)

I look forward to giving you more glimpses into my life and continuing to motivate and hopefully inspire you to begin or continue living a healthier life :).

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