Mar 1, 2014

Beginning of the month Weigh in, Progress Pics & more

Wow it's March already and what a great month it's going to be. More happiness, More weight loss, More steps in the right direction :).

 Lets make this March your best so far :) :)

Soo since it's the beginning of the month it's time for Beginning of the month stats and progress pics so i'll jump right into that.

**The progress Pics will be in the tab labeled Progress Pics**

My beginning weight was 180lbs. Mid February I weighed 174 lbs and now ...............................

I weigh : 167.8lbs  Which means in the month of Feb I lost 13 lbs which is pretty good.

Yesterday I talked about my goals for this month and would like to lose 8-10 lbs this month. Of course I would love to lose more but I am doing this the healthy way. If I lose more that would be great but I will not be starving myself or doing anything extreme to lose weight quicker.

I ordered my nutrition plan from Herbalife today but it won't be here until Tuesday probably because it's the weekend. Thankfully I order a month ahead of time so I never run out :).

That's about it as far a weight loss and Fitness goes....

I decided that this month I am going to try at least 1 new recipe a week. Whether it's just snack or a full meal I want to start learning new healthy but tasty recipes. - So I am excited about that.

I also want to buy a few new outfits. I haven't been shopping for clothes in so long. I am so done with baggy t-shirts and sweat pants and unless I want to walk around in the nude and be arrested for indecent exposure I'll have to go shopping :)

Check out my Pinterest for an inside look :

And don't forget to keep a lookout for my new blog design coming soon :).. As you can see i'm overly excited.


  1. Hey :) you are doing fine!!! Good job on losing that much weight in feb.
    Whats your ultimite goal?
    Good luck This Month :)) you can do it :D

    ( Sorry if my English isnt correct, im from the netherlands hehe)

    Xx Gina

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