Mar 17, 2014

Happy Monday & Weekend recap

** Fitness Feature Monday was supposed to start today & i apologize for the Inconveinience but it will begin Next Monday **

I was very eager to begin a fresh new week - So Happy Monday Everyone :)

Weekend Recap:

I had a very enjoyable weekend.


A friend of mine I haven't seen in a while came over to visit. We hung out and talked for a while and it was nice.

Then I went to the Gym (finally :)) - With Aaron , and my Friend Tiff and her boyfriend.

Us gals worked out together and let the gents do their own thing.

We trained abs and Legs and it was a great workout- Definitely was feeling it yesterday.
Then had dinner at their house (Baked Chicken & Broccoli) - which was DELICIOUS!!!

-Washed the car
- Watched a few episodes of Bones on Netflix
-Aaron and I Went to a club on the beach w/ Tiff and her beau.
      -- It was my first time ever going to a club of any sort. but it was very enjoyable. I had a few drinks and enjoyed the company of my friends.

-Cleaned the Apartment
-Made sweet potato fries for a mid day snack
-Made chicken, shrimp, & broccoli Stir fry w/ multi grain rice for dinner.
-Spent the rest of the day relaxing w/ aaron, lounging on the couch and watching Bones.

--So now it's Monday and even though I had a very enjoyable weekend and snuck in a few sweets here and there--- I am even more excited to get back to my workouts and eating healthier.

If you asked me even a few months ago , If I would eat a healthy meal over fast food, pizza etc. The answer would definitely not have been yes.

But I'm noticing I no longer crave unhealthy , greasy, high calorie, foods as I use to and it's an Amazing feeling.

Another thing I have noticed is I use to want to reward myself with Food. - If I lost X amount of lbs I would go out to eat at xx place.

-Now I reward myself with a new outfit, or even an outing. I would like to go on a semi-hike soon, so maybe that will be my next reward. -Rewarding & still being Active.

**But don't get me wrong rewarding yourself by going to your favorite restaurant , or going to your favorite ice cream parlor is fine in my opinion ..but switch it up from time to time and find other ways to reward yourself ;)**

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