Mar 24, 2014

Weekend Re-Cap!!

I have been doing some thinking and I have decided that until I get more participants -- Instead of doing Fitness Feature of the Week ... I will Do Fitness Feature of the Month..Starting the first of each Month.

So on the first of each month I will create a post dedicated to the feature and then for the rest of the month I will leave the features photo and log link on my sidebar.

so April 1st I will bring you your first Fitness Feature :)

Weekend Re-cap:


I went with my friend Tiffany to get my nails done, and then we went to Chili's for a nice meal. I had fun. -- It's nice to actually go out with friends after a whole year of staying home all the time and staying to myself.

Woke up watched a few episodes of bones and then went to the gym with Aaron. I was so excited because we were training legs but I made one huge mistake...

I didn't eat and I know better... After we did Squats I was light headed and feeling like I would throw up  or die. but thankfully I didn't. I barely made it through Leg extensions..--So once we were done with extensions --we left..

I felt bad for being the reason we didn't finish our workout but it was unsafe for me to continue , I really felt like I would black out at any moment.

We stopped by the grocery store and bought groceries which i have to meal prep today. I will take pictures for tomorrows post ( my phone is broken so I have to wait to use his)

Then we spent the rest of the day just relaxing together on the couch watching Bones (of course).
I love the weekends mostly because of the time I get to spend with him. during the week he's so busy with work we only have time to go to the gym-- eat dinner - and watch a few episodes of Bones or a movie while we eat dinner--then it's off to bed.

So being able to spend the day together of the weekend is something I will ALWAYS look forward to.

How did you spend your weekend?

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