Mar 14, 2014

Joys of being an Herbalife Health Coach & uPdate

I awoke this morning to my email full of inquiries about Herbalife and a smile spread across my face.

So I decided to post this on my fb page:
I LOVE being a Health coach ..Anytime someone contacts me about Herbalife or Healthy living in general it brightens my day. It's not only about losing weight or being skinny or gaining muscle. It's about being Healthier - being able to live longer and enjoy this Amazing thing called Life. It's about seeing people transform before your eyes into someone they never believed they could be... Life doesn't have to suck.. Stop being Afraid and take that first step.

And it;s true . I absolutely LOVE being a Health coach. Seeing my clients changes -physically , emotionally, and mentally is so exciting.

-But sometimes those of us who have already chosen to live a healthier life focus too much on the physical. -Yes it's great to see the number on the scale go down (or up depending on your goals) - It's great to see your body transforming into something you are working so hard for.

-But we must remember to focus on the bigger picture. -

 How are you feeling?

-Do you feel healthier?
-Do you have more energy?
- Are you noticing a change in your attitude> -thinking more positive than negative?

Yes? - Well than take pride in that. That is something to be happy about.

Yesterday I was with friends whom I haven't seen since I began a healthier lifestyle and after only a few minutes they commented how they can see a change in me and it was really nice to see this new me.

I smiled and said Thank You - and it made me feel really good. I don't need for other people to notice the change in me but it definitely is a good feeling when they do.

So don't become so obsessed with the scale and the measurements and pants sizes that you are not enjoying the rest of the changes that are taking place and enjoying life.

I mean one of the reasons we are choosing to live a Healthier lifestyle is so we can be healthy and live longer right? -- So don't forget to enjoy life :)

And to update on my progress :):

- I haven't been to the gym (and I'm missing it dearly) because of the car being in the shop but thankfully it should be ready to bring home today.

- I have been doing my at-home workouts (most days)
- I am drinking my Herbalife shakes, tea, and tablets like I should ..and still eating healthy ... and it feels Amazing !!!

I hope everyone has an Amazing Weekend, Have fun and continue to make Healthy choices :). Have a cheat meal , enjoy yourself!!! -Remember no one is perfect.

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