Mar 2, 2014

When You can't walk after Leg Day & Pinterest Blog Tips

So I trained Legs at the gym on Friday and I am definitely feeling it today thank goodness it's my rest day for Insanity. But I think I'm handling it pretty well and by that I  mean I'm walking around like this:

Okay maybe not to that extreme but I am very sore. But it's a good sore, Every time i wince I cannot help but smile because I know i worked hard at the gym the other day. 

But if you could see me as I walked around the apartment cleaning you would probably be very amused. 

Good thing is the apartment is clean and now I can sit down for a few hours until I decide what I want to cook for dinner -- Probably something quick and simple. 

Until then I think I'll look up more blogging tips. Even though I had a blog before I am still learning so much that I didn't know. Like today I learned how to add the feature for others to be able to pin my photos directly from my blog.

I had to try a few different sites but this one ended up being the one that worked for me: lPin- It- Image- Hover

So that pretty much sums up my sunday , How will you be spending the rest of yours?


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