Mar 11, 2014

sorry I've been ....Learning!

Hello Everyone. Sorry I haven't posted the past few days. I have been doing a lot or learning and a lot of studying.

I've been studying to be a Personal Trainer , so I have been focusing a lot on that. It's so important to me and there is a lot to learn. So I'm trying to make sure I'm putting in the time and energy I need to in order to soak it all up and pass the test at the end.


I also have been doing a lot of networking and trying to learn as much as I can about blogging  and was helps create a successful blog. -- I feel that we can always learn from others experiences -- Even though what worked for another won't always necessarily work for you -- i believe you can always take something that will help you from others experiences. 

And i felt I have been learning a lot. So this week will be spent putting together a plan based all that I have learned. 

-Beginning next week , my blog will be on a set schedule- I will be posting daily at the same time (most days anyway) 

I've learned that it good for your readers to know when to expect your posts. And I want my readers to be happy :)

Okay Okay ..I know you all want to know what I've been doing health wise. :)

I weighed myself this morning and I am 165.8 lbs :) 

I haven't been to the gym in a while but it's mostly because Aaron's car is in the shop (don't know who that is, click on the page Our Story)

The other day after an oil change it decided it wanted to break down , So it's been with the mechanic and I've been stuck home. 

I have been continuing with Herbalife and eating correctly so I'm still losing weight but i honestly miss the gym.  --Never thought I would have fallen in Love with weight training but now I need it in my life. 

So that has been my last couple of days...How have you ladies been?

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