Feb 23, 2014

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow- Make a change!

I would like to start this post off by once again reminding everyone who comes across my blog that I am not an expert. These are just my personal thoughts and experiences.

And to those of you who enjoy reading my blog I just want to say THANK YOU :). If this blog even inspires one person to begin living a healthier lifestyle that would be an Amazing accomplishment for me. That is all I want to do is inspire others as I continue to learn and grow.

So with that said , For those of you who say "Oh I'll start Monday" tomorrow is Monday So why not start tomorrow. The choice is yours to make.

As I have said before it's not going to be easy, it's going to be hard. It's going to challenge you physically but mentally and emotionally as well. ---But coming from a person who has spent that last year (prob even longer) so depressed and no longer living I don't want it to be easy.

I'm glad I have to work hard for it and that it challenges me because the reward it so much greater.  In the past I would start working out and eating healthy but never continued for long.. I  would always have so many excuses of why I couldn't do it. This time around I realize the main thing that has changed is my mentality.

The way you think greatly impacts whether you stick with working out and eating healthy or quit.

I use to look at changing my eating habits and working out as this unenjoyable task that I had to do.  I would wish there was some easier way and was constantly always looking up different diets and pills I could take to lose weight fast (which of course didn't work)

Now I realize working out isn't the worst thing in the world. In fact now I actually enjoy it. I love pushing myself and knowing at the end of the workout I did the best I could. And to feel those sore muscles the next day or day after that feels even more amazing.

And changing my eating habits I can honestly say I feel so much better after each meal.

Remember these are changes you are making that you will be doing for the rest of your life. If you hate them how are you going to continue to do them?

You DON"T have to do Insanity or go to the gym to lose weight. You can start off just by walking or doing an at home work out routine. Anything is better than just sitting on the couch.

And eating Healthier doesn't mean boring. There are sooo many great tasting healthy recipes out there and I think Once a week I'm going to prepare one and post it here on the blog. So keep a look out for that.

I am available to talk anytime and help you stay motivated. Feel free to email me anytime. I am even a wellness coach on this Amazing website that will help you keep track of your goals. If you interested ..Email me!

So today really think about it...Will you be starting your new life tomorrow? There are so many reasons to do it--- So lets stop making up reasons as to why we can't . NO More Excuses!!!

Oh yeah..How could I forget?..But I am also going to start a video blog as well on Youtube..Will post the link later... I'm so excited!!!

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